About Me

I struggled for years and years before I reached success online.

In fact, many times it got to the point where I felt like quitting and felt that it would just never work out for me.

I knew there were people making 10k and beyond per month online and I desperately wanted to be one of them.

Can you relate?

Well, everything changed for me when I discovered some very simple, yet powerful things.



The reason I wanted to be my own boss it was not just for the cash no
I didn’t become an entrepreneur for the money.

 Of course

I  desired to create more wealth, and fortune that I could take care and eventually pass on pass on to my family.

But that was not my principal motivating factor in my decision to bet on the internet marketer in me

like most freedom-loving individuals, I hated to be told to do all the time.

I desired autonomy, complete control over my actions and life choices, that is priceless to me. the  internet marketer

I realize that deep down most independent thinking human beings feel exactly as I do, and crave this kind of choices.

There are those that are satisfied with just being and lack the right mindset and are slaves to there choices.

“Most people are walking around with umbilical cord in hand just looking for someone to plug in to. 


I have discovered  the nasty secrets the guru in the internet industry  keep to themselves  not understanding this  is probably the reason most in this business lack success

This I found to be so true!

I was once that dude, running all around desperately searching to find someone to tell me that secret, an easy solution, or a push-button method that has never ever existed!

I quickly realized  it takes only more knowledge, desire, and obviously learned skills

Knowledge and skills which give you the freedom and autonomy we talked about earlier.

The knowledge and skills to pull-out and fish for yourself anytime you desire.

Granted, it’s not as easy, or as fast, or as simple as waiting for someone to give you a fish!   internet marketer

But then again… this is your business, life, and freedom we’re talking about.
I recognized exactly what I needed to do because  I realized that if you wanted to be truly free  then learning to fish  for myself was essential


I am a 61-year-old -retired -construction laborer/army vet  / now a full-time internet marketer making 5 figures per month.

An expert in list building, email marketing, product creation, funnel creation, product launches.

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Guaranteed $100 to $1000 A Day Simple system11

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$100 to $1000 A Day Feeder System

Okay great decision our simple system, this means that you
are serious about changing your situation
So that is what we are here to help you.
Our simple system is newbie-friendly that means
failure is not an option.
Get it what we are saying to you  just because
what we reveal to may seem to be easy to do.
But, maybe hard for you to accept, because you may
not get it.
That’s all right  if you want to succeed follow
directions and just go to the next step.
Hundreds have completed the steps and getting
paid.  So do not be a snob, your long term success
is at stake, Imean to be cruel. But, if you do not take
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You have been going from opportunity to opportunity
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 Now, what are you going to do?

You ready to let us get started

Now, This first step is optional.

If you do not have the funds, or  tired of risking

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system step one
system step one



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Guaranteed $100 to $1000 A Day Simple System

This powerful program, simple system, was created specifically

for those that are sick and tired of joining program after program just to be let down again and again



It is a terrible thing to be introduced to something

that looks so promising only to be duped like you

ain’t got no sense at all. Causing you to doubt your

own intelligence?

I know what you’re going through,  the creators of

this system that you’re going through. That is

why we came up with this simple no brainer system!

We want you to succeed.  Why?  Because we know

if you succeed, then we can enjoy the benefits of

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To succeed with a system is not difficult at all in

the fact it almost imposable to fail.

A person just needs to be sincere in their desire to succeed

The world as we know it has changed

 As the largest transfer of wealth, in history,
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 Come on make the right decision.   Join us.   You
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You have nothing to lose! 

We are looking for action takers, who are
not just takers, that want desperately to
succeed., But, they also want to share their
success with others who desire the same.
This is the opening statement of a very special
This simple system works! for those action takers
who understand how to follow directions. determined
 , to finally change there a circumstance by overcoming the shiny object syndrome plague that keeps diverting attention from legit income opportunities
 Guru s, hope you will never get over your dependence on fake B,S
Our program is the cure,  for your dilemma
and  the vaccine that you can procure and share
with your followers. Thus ultimately creating long-lasting wealth for  you and your family  for a generation and beyond
What you’ll find on the next page, truly
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Guaranteed Stimulus Cash Feeder System

The Perfect Stimulus Program

This Guaranteed Internet Income has simply has made me over $7000  in this cash feeder system in three months and you can do it too!

Are you spinning your wheels in earning an online income because you are overwhelmed too much info, information overload can be disastrous

That’s not surprising because there are so many things to manage and learn. You need to be responsible for so much!

 You keep trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with systems that let you attract new prospects, connect with them to build a relationship and then sell products to them without being too pushy

It is a combination of science and art, and you don’t feel experienced enough at either. with our cash feeder system

Luckily, there is a feeder program that you can just send your traffic to … and they take care of the rest.

To help the beginning or struggling online marketer profit from the methods that actually work,

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The beautiful journey of GoFounders/ONPASSIVE

The possibilities that come from working from home are boundless!
Increased time to spend with your family and friends, the freedom to create your own schedule, no commuting, or having to buy work-related clothing, just to name a few.

I invite you to take a closer look at all of the benefits that working from home has to offer and learn more about how this Company can help you claim your stake in these growing industries. Now its time for another milestone in the beautiful journey of GoFounders/ONPASSIVE

We have given hope back to thousands of deserving business partners Just about any time when you log in to your GoFounders account you will see changes as the company continues to build for the launch. To this date, there are over 145,900 Founders as we continue to grow before launch date. Are you going to be in it to win it. Its You time once and for all.

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Artificial Intelligence AI, Automate your Business Process, branding, and marketing on social media, information technology company

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