A common medicine could be a COVID-19 wonder drug – Sky News Australia

Sky News host Chris Kenny says “while there are no magic cures” for the deadly coronavirus, a common medicine used to treat malaria and rheumatoid arthritis is now “touted as a bit of a wonder drug for COVID 19”.

Mr Kenny said the drug hydroxychloroquine “has now been authorised for use on coronavirus in the US” and is being looked at in Australia too.

“It is cheap and easy to produce but is already running short, so production is ramping up”.

“And our Health Minister Greg Hunt is ramping up supplies HERE”.

“Now we know this drug is safe, people have been taking it for those other conditions for decade, so this does hold out great hope”.

“I’m glad Greg Hunt has ordered extra supplies … this could be crucial”.

Authorities have confirmed the drug has not been tested in clinical trials yet and it will be some time before scientists can determine whether it will be effective in the fight against COVID-19.

Image: Getty

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