Most of the wealthiest people in the world are putting at least 10% of ther assets in Cryptos.

Certainly Bitcoin features heavily as it is currently the most liquid of all crypto Currencies.

Some predict that Bitcoins will be worth over $100,000 each within 5 years but personally I doubt that even though I think they will be over $50,000 each in that time.

So, I still think that Bitcoins are an excellent investment strategy and are pretty much infalation proof; but I think there is something even better….

WESA Tokens are the ONLY crypto that are programmed to increase in value on a regular basis and from humble beginnings in 2019 as SAWWP Tokens selling for about 5 cents each, they are now valued at well over $100 each in a free market situation.

Looking at the formulas behind this Token, projections are for the WESA Token to rise to around $1,500 each by the end of June 2021 and to reach a staggering $20,000+ by this time next year.

You can grab WESA Tokens right now on the Waves Exchange for around 0.0075 BTC (about $135) but they won’t be at that price for long and will be over $200 by the end of the month.

In fact even though Bitcoins and most other Cryptos are falling in value, WESA Tokens are starting to increase as I write this email.

Even better….
as an Elite Member of We Share Abundance, until 21st December 2020, you can get WESA Tokens for just $11 each. This has got to be the biggest “No Brainer” in the history of crypto!

You can join We Share Abundance HERE now and upgrade to Elite Membership by staking (depositing) just $100 WESA, which will return you $150 in 30 days or less, and then you can grab all the WESA You want at just $11 each. (Conditions do apply so see the offer page HERE).

$550 of WESA bought now, through this Nest Egg Offer, could make you a millionaire by December 2021 if all the forecasts come true; but even at todays market value they are worth over $6,900 and likely to be worth over $12,500 by Jan 1st. 2021

God bless,

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