Your Feeling gets the Blessing

Have you ever had an imaginary argument or
confrontation with somebody?

In your mind you see, feel and hear yourself quarreling
with that person — you hear the dialogue going back and
forth — and as you vividly imagine this argument — you
feel yourself getting angrier and angrier and more upset.

You’ve done this, haven’t you?

Do you see how vivid you can be in your imagination? How you
talk back and forth in your mind, and experience strong
and powerful emotions.

You may be surprised to hear that when you do this you
are practicing visualization.

But, this is NEGATIVE visualization!

It gets results, but the wrong kind of results…

…you see, negative visualization gets you negative
results — it gets you what you DON’T want.

That’s why I’m telling you —

DON’T do this kind of visualization any more —
because it only brings you trouble!

To get what you DO want in your life, you need to
practice only POSITIVE visualization — using positive
images, feeling, and emotions…

…and today’s important lesson will explain how to do
this using all of your senses — to get powerful,
positive results.

Learn it right now — click below for Lesson #7
Free Visualization Lesson No. 7

Read this lesson and start practicing visualization in
your daily life and watch what happens!

Now this is the last lesson in your 7-lesson introductory
Visualization e-course.

If you’ve missed any of the previous six lessons, you
can access them all at this same web page:
Free Visualization Lesson No. 7

And, remember, it only works if you work it!

So keep looking inward and be self-aware.

Catch yourself whenever you start to visualize negatively —
and stop it!

And then change your thinking and visualize/imagine a
positive situation and a positive outcome!

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