Building Your Own Business Can Be More Powerful Than The Stimulus Check

In this video I breakdown a simple strategy you can follow to create your own cash flow utilizing the same strategy that NETFLIX use to grow one of the biggest business in the world…. Of course, it’s not to say you will have what Netflix have but you will have the same business membership model to make money online.

These steps include 1.

Finding a Niche When you are finding the right niche although it’s cool to find something that you passionate about but keep in mind it’s not really about you if you can find something that a lot of people have the passion or interest in and you can get them together and solve their problems that can be a very powerful niche to start a business in….. 2.

Build The traffic Remember the traffic you are looking for you doesn’t have to create it, it’s already on the internet, so now your only goal is to see how you can draw this traffic towards you, whether through the paid or free medium.

3. Create the money site Your membership site is what’s going to be the backbone of your business, so you want to take the time to construct it in a way that it will give great value to its users, I use kajabi for this job but feel free to use whatever you want

4. Payment Gateways, In the beginning, you don’t have to worry about having your own merchant, you can just use what most people are familiar with and trust, so Paypal and stripe can do the job very well.

5. Content since you will be in your own respective niche just think about the problem or ask questions through your audience to know what they want to learn then you can go out there and solve that problem for them on a monthly basis….

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