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Once you make the $40 or more deposit then you can refer friends

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Your NetSpend Debit Card will arrive in the mail in 7 to 10 days.

Repeat the same process with your Control card and finally your Brinks card!

For this to work right,  you need to follow these directions precisely.

Try to apply for your three cards the same day, hopefully, they arrive within a few days of each other.

Once you get all your Cash Cards,  activate them as soon as you can.

This will start a ripple effect and your internet income will explode.

You could either load them all at once or for better results load your


Wait an hour, then take at least $45 from your atm, use that money to

load the next card.

Once it’s verified then take $45 and load the next card. 

 You are now qualified to get paid $60 over and over guaranteed.


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You can use your Debit Cards wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted

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NetSpend is a PrePaid Debit Card and there is no credit check, interest

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The NetSpend, Control, and Brinks Prepaid Debit Cards are available to all citizens of the USA.











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