People are making money SELF QUARANTINED economy


Let me tell you a story about poor Gary.

Gary was an eager employee who worked his guts out for his company.

Does whatever his boss says. Worked 18 hour days. Endured all the
BS workplace politics. With hope, it’ll be worth it.

Come evaluation time, the boss proudly gives him a shocking 2% raise!


Needless to say, Gary is FURIOUS.


Thanks to this revelation from my friend Shawn, HERE’s what Gary
should have done instead.


FACE IT: Companies have commitment issues. They’re like the runaway
the bride that stands up the groom at the altar and crushes all hope.

Even though the groom goes the extra mile and sinks in resources.

They just don’t care!

That’s why you should take control of your life and give yourself
a raise of at least 10%, 20%, and all the way to 100%.


P.S. You know what’s potentially worst? You getting fired because
2020 looks like a brutal one for the economy.

Time to get a Plan B so you don’t end up holding the bag like Gary

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