Sometimes Success can come to us in the strangest ways.

I use my personal facebook FB account for business and I get a lot of requests from others who see me in various business-related groups.

I accept most of them and I just wait for them to start a conversation as I am busy working on my businesses.

Sometimes these new FB friends are just there to start pushing the latest and greatest promo they want us to buy into. Well, they might be short-lived FB friends. 🙂

Sometimes they seem interested in sharing info and also interested in what I am doing. That has the potential to generate sales for me also.

On my FB Cover Photo, I have my link to one of my sales funnels with a little info about it.

I recently had a conversation with a FB friend who was relatively new in the making money online game.

So we’re typing back and forth and I am getting tired of typing. We always think much farther ahead than we type.

So I suggested it would be easier if they had Zoom or Skype for us to chat about it as it would save us both time.

That resulted in an affiliate sale!

Think about it.

The person gets to see the real you and listen to the real you and you can create a better connection between one another.

Now you become much closer to being FB friends then just typing back and forth.

There is a stronger bond.

Yes, if we have a ton of friends this may not seem or be practical.

But in the beginning, this could be very effective in making new friends and establishing a business relationship and maybe they do have something of value to offer you.

I will certainly be using this newfound strategy more in the future.



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