Turn $20 Into $10,000 Plus Monthly! What is NetworkersList?

How would you like to have a worldwide High Volume*
$20/month membership that you can refer to people and have:





One: With your 1st sponsorship, you get a huge $10/month infinity
residual fast start per person pay line. As 10s to 100s of
others in this pay line are referring their 2nd member
to get their cost covered you get $10/month for each of these
2nd ones. This can be a life-changing income in and of itself
and it is just from the residual fast start.



(Members all go for their 2nd because they get $15/month
on their 1st and $5/month on their 2nd. They also get
their first infinity residual fast start per person pay line just like you have. They also get 2nd because they want
another one of these infinity fast start pay lines
and that is under their 3rd person.)

Two: There is much more residual income. This infinity
fast start group populates a 10 levels deep unilevel
the structure that in a 3 get 3 build has a value of
over $15,000/month.

(a unilevel is a structure in which all of your personal
referrals are on your 1st level and all of theirs are on
your 2nd level and all of theirs are on your 3rd level
o 10 levels and you can get paid on all of them.)

Three: You get a 100% overlapping match feature.
When a Big Builder on your level 1, 2, 3 or more
levels deep make $5,000/month down to your
10th level, you make a 100% match of $5000/month.
This is called the BBOM feature –
Big Builder Overlapping Match.

Four: as one of your $20/month benefits, you get
an automatic signup capture page/autoresponder system.

*As the membership grows, many unique educational,
discount shopping and business building tools
will be added to the existing ones.



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