Build & Transact. Decentralized wealth. Fight Racism. The Black Dollar is a New Cryptocurrency designed to empower those who have been wronged in this society, designed for the purpose of creating a future, and designed for the innate need to include those who have been excluded for hundreds of years.

The Black Dollar is a form of currency with the goal of giving the people the option to take their financial choices into their own hands. It’s finally time to act. It’s finally time to bring power to the people and allow them to make their own financial choices. The Black Dollar is a currency is a currency FOR EVERYONE! This coin for anyone that believes that any man or woman should be judged by their merits and not the color of their skin. A currency for people of all nationalities & all backgrounds who want to actively fight against racism and poverty.



Because hungry bellies and injustice are devoid of race and know no bounds. The Black Dollar is The Solution. The Blockchain Technology Revolution within Cryptocurrency is taking place no matter what! The black community has been at the back of the line for far too long.

Through every major revolution that has taken place in america, The black community has paid a tremendous cost by staying in the back of the line and being the last community to adapt.

It would be irresponsible for black community to not get to the front of the line of this blockchain revolution that is taking place with The Black Dollar. It’s time to take advantage and be the driving force behind this revolution.

The black community can stay at the back of the line as it always has been, or it can snatch this opportunity to be freed from the shackles of centralized financial institutions, freed from the subjugation of fluctuating fiat values and inflation, and freed from forceful representation within our government and holding political candidates accountable for their actions during elections.

We’ve been waiting on reparations for far too long. Besides, reparations were already given in the form of a stimulus to white slave owners called the Compensated Emancipation Act of 1862. But we don’t have to wait on reparations.

We have The Black Dollar. A decentralized Cryptocurrency.


THE OPPORTUNITY IS NOW! The everyone that you know! It’s your responsibility to tell everyone that you know from every nationality, every background, and every gender about The Black Dollar Cryptocurrency coin. The Black Dollar is HERE. Join the movement. Make an impact.

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