We have crossed 500,000 GoFounders there is no limit to the strength that we can garner! We are together building a business that will stand out for ages to come. GoFounders celebrates another milestone.



Not everyone is aware how quickly businesses are going from conventional to digital formats right in front of us. If we do, then the vast majority of us still seem to lose ground on how to make it all work for us. That’s why we have the 97% failure rate online. In this video we talk about what makes ONPASSIVE the Go-to Platform for anyone wanting to learn, teach, earn, or reach any goal or desire online. Now we can go to ONPASSIVE. Because ONPASSIVE saw the opportunity in the online space as a global solutions provider to halt that failure rate.


ONPASSIVE has created a sophisticated system with a complete collection of tools for service, finance, business, MARKETING, leadership, education, and even humanitarian sectors… literally in any area of our lives… that will save time and money. I know my last few videos have been hammering CATMo, but it if you get CATMo, you’ll get ONPASSIVE.



The first part of CATMo explains the system as a complete digital solution that’s automated, and even provides traffic. It’s a great concept that allows businesses to spend a lot less time in the trial-and-error process determining what they need, much less what works, and stops the costly processes associated with start-ups dead in its tracks. The last part of CATMo references money… residual income, There is an opportunity to earn from our system and I mean substantially, in a lot of cases the wealth will be extraordinary. This makes it easier to weather any financial soft-spots that business owners go through from time to time.


Through the elements of CATMo, the lag between starting up and figuring what works is reduced exponentially because what we have is new tech, built from scratch, all integrated seamlessly to work flawlessly, and it’s under one roof. For the smaller businesses, doing business-as-usual will be much more challenging under the current, outdated online MARKETING model than it will be with ONPASSIVE’s unique, revolutionary model. Our system is less expensive and more complete with superior products.



As mentioned earlier, the system also provides the huge benefit of targeted traffic. Under the current online MARKETING system, nearly everyone has to go out and set up tools to get traffic, to bring in customers, or they have to pay outright to have someone else get the traffic. Not so with ONAPSSIVE! We know exactly what works and we built it for ease. Digitally speaking, there is a larger, cheaper, faster audience that we can now access through ONPASSIVE’s digital MARKETING platform; it’s total internet Solution. If you are tired of traveling the dirt roads on the old internet, get onboard! We’ve paved the way for success with a perfected system. Especially when youconsider guaranteed traffic. And when you factor in the speed of our system with its automation, it’s absolutely a win-win-win! We win, you win, and your customers win. I love what Mr. Mufareh said to Founder Dr. Bill Williams, during an interview. “You pay and you own the world… that’s it. That’s what ONPASSIVE is. Everything you need to communicate, to learn, to educate, to earn, to connect with the world, to promote your business to any activity that goes around your daily life… today’s life… is already in ONPASSIVE. Once you make that payment, the light goes on






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