Always Put Yourself in the Picture
When You Visualize!

Let’s go further into the definition for visualization that I gave you in an earlier lesson.

“Visualization” is “deliberate, positive, creative dreaming of things into expression or existence.

Now when we use the word “dreaming” HERE, I want to be careful, we’re not talking about overeating at dinnertime, and going to sleep having nightmares.

When we use the word “dream” HERE, we’re talking about a positive waking vision. You have to be deliberate with your visualization. You have to be positive, because it is creative.

The next section of the definition for “visualization” is “using the imagination consciously and willfully to be what you want to be, to do what you want to do, and to have what you want to have.”

Underline the words “consciously” and “willfully.”

You are visualizing all the time

You know, people are always seeing things in their mind, always.

Yes, you are visualizing all the time. But you may not be doing it consciously and willfully.

You probably aren’t even aware that what you are doing is visualizing.

But when you worry and imagine something bad that may happen in the future you are visualizing — in a negative, harmful way.

Your mind is a motion picture theater that runs all the time, so you must be sure that you consciously and deliberately choose the movies on the screen of your imagination.

You must choose to visualize only the good that you desire.

Positive visualization is something you must practice.

There is no substitute for doing it. I can tell it to you; you can get the theory; but unless you do it, it won’t work.

As Rev. Ike says, “It works, if you work it!”

What is your vision? What is your vision of yourself? What is your vision for yourself? What do you see for yourself?

Put Yourself in the Picture

Now HERE’s an important aspect of visualization that you must remember:

When you visualize something for yourself that you want to be, to do, and to have, always put yourself in the picture. Be sure you’re always in the picture.

It isn’t enough just to see a whole lot of money, that isn’t enough. You can miss it if you don’t see yourself with it. Somebody else may get it.

I drove up to one of our houses up in the mountains in Carmel, California, a few years ago, in a brand new blue on blue Rolls Royce Cornish.

The very wonderful gentlemen, who was custodian of that estate for me, when he came out of the door and he saw that beautiful new Cornish he rushed over and said, “Oh, Rev. Ike, I just saw that car in my visualization last week.”

I said, “Yes! And the reason you didn’t get it and got it was because you just saw the car and you didn’t see yourself with it.”

I want to say this, and underline it in your hearts, in your minds, and on your notes. See yourself with everything good that you visualize that you want.

We talk about money HERE a lot, and a lot of times we say, “I see money”.

Yes, we see money, absolutely. But be sure you connect yourself with that money; otherwise somebody else will get it all.

Tell Yourself You Deserve It

That’s another thing about visualization, and I’m going to really get under your skin right now. A lot of people can visualize good for other people, and see good for other people, but they can’t see it for themselves. You can see Rockefeller with it, why can’t you see yourself with it?

Probably everyone of us would have to confess to this. How many of you can really see other people with things that you would like to have, but you really can’t quite yet see yourself with those things?

That’s a very important thing and it’s a very important area for you to work on yourself with. We’ll talk more about that later.

(To be continued in Lesson 5…)

Love, Peace & Prosperity,




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