Well, in reality, not even our mind has limits. What we unfortunately have is a set of beliefs and negative thoughts that limit our minds enormously.

The limited wealth that many are experiencing is just the natural consequence of these destructive beliefs and negative mindset.

Every day I stumble upon manifestations of this sort of real plague for humanity.

These are just a very few of the statements I sadly got to hear recently:

“I am pretty desperate with no job, money is a rare luxury to me and this promised me an income that I now see is probably not possible

“the society we live in screws people usually. and to make money people usually have to screw others, everything is always at someone else’s expense in this world”

“If I pay to activate my GPS, who is going to guarantee that some of my affiliates will confirm theirs?”

We all got negative experiences in the past. And so what?

I understand that if you passed through a few “bad” experiences in the past, such as failures, or scams, or who knows what other appearing-negative things, you could now think that you’re not good enough, or that “the society we live in screws people usually.”

Well, that is just not true. It’s only your personal perception of the outer world, badly filtered by your mind.

Why do I say “badly”? Because the most successful people, also got “bad” experiences. Probably much more than the average person.

The difference is that instead of perceiving themselves as “victims,” their minds became stronger.

They used those valuable experiences positively and got even more power each time a new appearing-negative experience occurred again until they achieved the heights where they currently stand.

Their mind filters the outer world positively and gives them a different perception than those who feel victims of the situations that randomly occur to them.

I realized there are two different kinds of people.

No needs to say in which one of these two groups successful people are.

– Thoughts > Feelings > Ideas > Decisions > Actions > Results.

This is good news because the above means that success is never a random thing due to external factors.

Instead, success always comes from inside, as the consequence of a consistently positive and open mind.

You’d better learn to recognize when your mind is filtering “badly.”

Typically, destructive, negative thoughts, are those who seem to work for you as a kind of “self-protection,” but that instead are keeping you away from the path to success.

These thoughts can give you nothing more than a sort of neutral kind of emotion in the best-case scenario, or, as it is more likely, they let you feel unhappy, annoyed, frustrated.

These kinds of thoughts take energy away from you.

So, the actions that you can take as a result of such a negative state of mind can only keep you where you currently are or take you down even more.

Get out of that negative mindset.

The good part of all this is that once we learn to recognize the moment we enter into such a negative state appearing real, we can gradually become experts in getting out of them very quickly.

Exactly because these states appear real. But they are not. You created them because you reacted badly to the events that occurred to you.

So, as your mind created them, you can equally decide to get out of them instantly.


There is a law: “what you resist, persists.”

So, you’d better not fight against a negative state of mind. Because the more attention you give to it, the more power you’re going to give to what you don’t want.

Instead of fighting against it, you need to replace it. How?

Start to think about what you want in your life.

Visualize it in every single detail, engage all five of your physical senses, feel love for what you want.

Do it for at least seven minutes every day; get the perception of it, like if you already had it. Like if it was already yours because it’s what already is: yours!

If you can imagine it, it exists.

So, start acting now like if your goals were already attained: be today the person you want to become.

Can you see the image of the new-you clearly? What do you look like in the new vision of the new-you? What kind of person is the new-you?

Write all this down and get back to it very often, even several times per day, keep adding details, keep your mind focused on it for a few minutes, and enjoy the feeling of being the person you want to be.

Then, forget it, let the universe do his job and have faith!

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