WATCH: Biden speaks to press after projected wins in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi

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Transcript for Biden speaks to press after projected wins in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi

Planned to rally but our headquarters is just around the corner. In his role people move more collected double yeah two try to get us electric. My sister. Folks Lorca. We were planning. A big rally in Cleveland life. But the governor of Ohio last presidential can’t. Cancel. There indoor public about. We’re large large crowds. And that’s we didn’t do corona virus and he was concerned about that as I said all along. That we would follow the guidance of the CDC and state and local officials and public health officials respect to our campaign events we’ll continue to do that. This is a matter in this whole corona viruses as a matter presidential leadership. And later this week I’ll be speaking HERE on what I believe in nation should be doing to address this fires. But tonight. I want to speak to you from Philadelphia. Where we announced our campaign. We did our farm amounts. To all those who have been knockdown. Call those have been counted out left behind. This seizure campaign. Just over a week ago. Many the pundits declared that there this candidacy was dead. Now we’re very much alive. Way to go. Looks like we’re gonna have another good night. Missouri. Michigan. And we’re awaiting to hear from North Dakota. Idaho and Washington State. Has assets from again. This election. Is and one that has character and about. The character of the candidates the character the nation is on the ballot it’s. More than a comeback. It’s a comeback from the Seoul this nation. This campaign is taking off and I believe we’re going to do well from this point on. One earned every single vote and every single stake by. If you’re willing. Want to join us. Go to Joseph Biden dot com. Suited. Known to. HERE. Contributor if you can. We need you we want you there’s a place in our campaign preaching. I want to thank you Bernie Sanders who supporters for their tireless energy and their passion. We share a common goal and together. We’ll defeat don’t count. Are regenerating. The democratic base the Democratic Party the African community high school educated folks fights ones I grew up with you claim not far from. Admiral neighborhood labor suburban women veterans firefighters. And so many more. People of every economic station. The poor who are struggling and they are struggling in this environment the middle class. Worries about where another going to be able hang on stay there. Maintain their economic security. There the reason. Joseph line got involved in this in this campaign in the first place. You know the reason why I became a Democrat so long ago. I can’t tell you I really mean some bottom my heart I can tell how much I appreciate the confidence they shown me thus far. In the way they turned out to vote for me. My first campaign. Financing kid how long time ago. I had a billboard. That says one thing I had a picture. My wife and children. This. For all our friendliness. That’s all of us. For all our Truman’s. That included democratic families. Families and in. Republican Trent. Everyone in every stripe for all travelers. And loved best were able to accomplish in South Carolina. Thus we did on Super Tuesday and it appears. Almost a little premature and appears that’s are able to do tonight. Okay. Okay. Just pass through a so when in my incredibly cable competitors have endorsed me. HERE people who did you each chemical which. Federal roar Mike Bloomberg’s Cory Booker. And Como Harris. Together. Together are bringing this party together that’s we have to do. We are step closer to restoring decency and dignity. And honor to the white house press are all the at this moment there’s so much fear in the country. There’s so much fear cross the world we need American leadership. We need presidential leadership. Its owners. Trusted. Truthful and steady. Reassuring leadership. The honor of becoming your prayers and I promise you I’ll strive to give the nation that very leadership. Every day every day. And a provisional office. That’s reason warm running for president I believe were an incredible moment in American history. A phenomenal opportunity. To deliver a bold progressive vision to the American people. Guarantees every American has health care affordable health care. Total health care. So they don’t Obama care. Providing every child. Access to good education regardless of their zip code. To deal with the moral depravity. From our children who have to learn is to go to school little children to duck and cover zigzag down a hallway. Because they fear someone with a semiautomatic weapon may be coming. We have to stand up to the gunmen fractures and the NRA. Jacksonville plus. Up to rebuild the world class this time. Everybody along and everybody. Okay. You know. The once again lead the world. donald trump’s america first policies made america a long. You know in the fight against climate change. We have to rally the rest of the world to act and act now. Rejoined the Paris climate accord on day one make it clear. To our allies that will honor our commitments dot. They will stand. And restoring. World order. That’s him. To me. I came HERE from the National Constitution Center. Not far from where two of the most important documents in all of history written. The declaration of independence. We hold these truths to be self evident. Those words became the American creed known around. US constitution. We the people and these words literally changed in the world. We’ve never fully lived up to the promise of even those documents what we’ve. Never ever before walked away from them. They’re reminder. What to stake in this election. Are very democracy. Is a stake in this election. They said from the moment I announced not far from HERE. That I believe are the battle for the soul of this nation. We found child was present. Our core values. Are standing in the world are very democracy. Everything that is made america america. It’s truly had state. I believe this nation can overcome four years of donald trump and given eight. Four more years. Of forever and fundamentally change. The very character this nation. We can’t let that happen. But winning means. The winning means uniting america. Not selling more division anger. Means having the president not only not knows how to fight but knows how to heal. The needs and he. Facing a president. Who demeans Cindy reminds people of the president who believes in empathy compassion. Respect for everyone. There’s my hope that today’s into this missile soon be over. We’re a decent brave. Resilient people. We are better than this moment for him. We jest we have to do we just need. We just need to remember who we are. This is the United States of america. There’s not a single thing we cannot do we do it together. Close to the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day. I’m thought of a quote. Some of you heard me quote many times. A fellow that I admired very much impressed the way not long ago Cohen and Shamus Haney. He wrote a poem called secured short. There’s really set. In one sense he says history teaches us. Not to hold. On this side of the grave. But then. Once in a lifetime that longed for tidal wave of justice rises up. The whole industry rocks. I truly believe he threw more power. For the first time a long time because of what’s happened in the past three years. The power to make hope and history. That’s room to do. Com wish you all.

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