WATCH: Couple wires $800K to scammer

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Transcript for Couple wires $800K to scammer

Oh these days one year old Jacqueline is the only one who can keep his parents positive. Otherwise Kevin and nick cold nor are tormented. We can’t sleep I mean. Last night even had a nice ending nightmare the couple is living a nightmare. They’re staying with family in Solana Beach at a time they thought they’d been living the American dream all of this was her hand you know the house with. The yard school then. Yes and he can have a sibling but instead. They’re 775000. Dollar down payment 60%. Of the purchase price of a Carlsbad home. Wired to a hacker posing as their escrow agent and we get a follow our. Where did you spend or wire. And that you guys what do you mean to you guys stunned the Norse went to the FBI and are now retracing her steps. They take direct aim at an employee after escrow company. Who sent official wire instructions. Minus the account number in an unsecured email. They say hacker got access to that email and duplicated that document adding account numbers to eight bitcoin exchange company. Nicole says that they never caught it and escrow didn’t alert her when she called to say she sent the money. Even though they’d never told her we’re to send it in that critical time Nicole says the transfer could have been stopped they called. Back they called back to tell me what time in notary would be easier the next dated sign are loaned out. The couple now reeling. Seeking their legal options looking back on how something like this could happen.

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{“duration”:”1:41″,”description”:”The money, intended for a down payment on a home, is now in the hands of a hacker tied to an account in Singapore.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/US”,”id”:”69197905″,”title”:”Couple wires $800K to scammer”,”url”:”/US/video/couple-wires-800k-scammer-69197905″}