WATCH: Joe Biden wins big on ‘mini Tuesday’

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Transcript for Joe Biden wins big on ‘mini Tuesday’

On its mini Super Tuesday Joseph Biden declaring victory Michigan Mississippi and Missouri. Just over a week ago. Many have the pundits declared that there this candidacy was dead. Now we’re very much alive. Former vice president getting a boost from a string of big wins on last week’s Super Tuesday. Endorsements from his former rival. I am smelt. Beyond Joe’s team because you know. All it hurts me we will elect Joseph but it. Michigan was the night’s biggest prize Sanders won the state in 2016. Pulling a major upset over Hillary Clinton showed his strength among white working class voters. But this time around Michigan helping fight and solidify his lead at the front runner. ABC news is exit poll which does not include those who voted early. Sure it’s 57%. Of voters said they would prefer a candidate who could beat president trump. Michigan had a record number of absentee ballots cast this year while at least 36000. Voters. Who voted early for a candidate who has since dropped out. Were able to Rick call their ballots and vote for someone owls. Meanwhile both candidates canceling planned events in Ohio Tuesday night’s. As concerns over the novel corona virus outbreak continues to grow. And because of the corona virus outbreak we’re now learning there will be no live audience at the democratic debate in Phoenix on Sunday. In as solitaire at ABC news in Detroit Michigan.

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