Watch out for the ‘N’ word!

There is one word you should never use when you
practice visualizing what you want…

…Rev. Ike calls it the ‘N’ word — the ‘Never’ word…

…because what you should ‘Never’ ask is — HOW.

You should never worry about “HOW is it going to happen?”

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How to Visualize: Lesson #3

In your Visualization Lesson #3, you’re going to learn:

— Why you should concern yourself with ‘what’
but not ‘how’

— why you should NOT get hung up on ‘facts’

— why you should follow your inspiration and
the instructions that will be revealed to you
when you visualize

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How to Visualize: Lesson #3

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Peace, Love and Prosperity,
Rev. Ike Legacy

P.S.    If you missed the first two lessons you will find
links to them on the web page for Lesson #3

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