Ways To Enhance Your Post Workout Recovery

            Post workout recovery is a vital, but often overlooked part of any fitness routine. After working out, beginning a cool down phase and recovery period is just as essential as exercising. It does not matter whether you are focusing on your lower body, arms, legs or abdominal muscles.

Many people complete their workouts in haste to get back home. However, doing this can make you miss out on the opportunity to provide your body with crucial care. Studies indicate that individuals who take certain measures such as stretching and cool down exercises after workouts benefit from it. Most important, their muscles are less likely to get sore. Soreness develops when lactic acid builds up in the muscles. With proper nourishment and care, you can prevent the pain caused by muscle fatigue and prepare yourself properly to work out the following day.

One of the things you should do after working out is cool down exercises. There are many ways to lower your heart rate. Examples include stretching and doing some yoga poses. Other options include jogging lightly or walking. You can spend about fifteen minutes doing light exercise or stretching to end your work out session.

Another way to improve your recovery after working out is rolling around the floor using a foam roller. This has the effect of soothing the fatigued muscles. Although foam rolls may seem unorthodox at first, they can do wonders for your recovery time.

It is also important drink water after working out. Rehydration is an essential element of the post workout routine. After sweating, your body needs to be replenished. Therefore, carry a bottle of water when going to the gym and ensure that you drink enough water afterwards to remain hydrated.

Besides needing to be rehydrated, your body will also need protein after working out. Most people take a protein shake after working out. Health experts recommend taking a high dose of protein soon after a workout to start off the muscle rebuilding process, after they have been fatigued. Health professionals recommend that people should take at least twenty grams of protein. This amount can be found in many protein powders. You may also consume certain foods such as strained yoghurt, beef jerky or low fat cottage cheese.

Taking a shower after working out will also help you recover better. It is also simple hygiene that prevents body odor. Putting on a fresh set of clothing will also make a huge difference to the people you will interact with.

You should also provide your body with essential nutrients so that it will recover fast from intense workouts. After workout sessions, your body needs energy to replace and restore wasted muscle glycogen. It takes the energy it needs from any source available. This means that your body may even break down the amino acids within your muscles, resulting in muscle wastage. You can prevent this by taking a post-workout supplement thirty to sixty minutes after exercising. This supplement will provide the body with important carbohydrates to restore glycogen and specially developed fast acting proteins that play a role in the production of amino acids. By following these post workout tips, you will gain the most from your workout sessions.


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