What Are The Ways Of Reducing Weight?

            To be beautiful is the dream of every individual especially females. But that beauty diminishes due to increase in weight. This beauty can be regained by following certain ways of reducing weight. The ways which help us in reducing weight are explained in the following manner:

High Protein Breakfast

The substance which constitutes 15 % body mass is protein. The molecules of protein construct a large amount of fabric in our body. It also contributed a lot in reducing the stoutness of the body. High protein breakfast is totally free from calories (which helps in reducing stoutness). High protein breakfast includes a glass of milk, egg, cereals and sweat potato hashed with sausage and eggs etc.


Intake of sugar rich food leads to increase in so many calories in the body. Sugar contains carbohydrates, which get converted into fats and thus leads to increase in weight. So, to reduce the grease of the body we should avoid sugar rich food.


Water is that fluid which makes our body healthier in every respect. Intake of excess amount of water leads to decrease in the grease of the body. It is a home remedy of decreasing fats, to drink water in the utensil of copper.

Intake of Food which reduces Fats

To avoid grease we should have that type of food which does not have fats. Such type of food includes whole eggs; leafy green like spinach, kale and collards etc; salmon; cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage etc; lean beef and chicken breast etc.

Soluble Fibre

Soluble fibre decreases cholesterol level and sugar level, thereby reduces fat in the body. Soluble fibre comprises oats, oranges, dry beans, barley, psyllium, nuts and lentils etc.

Intake of tea or coffee

Tea or coffee is a common drink in our day to day life. Tea or coffee is basically consumed for refreshment. Both drinks have certain advantages and one among them is a reduction in body-grease (by providing caffeine to us).

Eat Food Slowly

The obesity is also the cause of our eating habits. If we eat food fast, then our hormones get affected thereby leading to obesity. Thus, to avoid obesity, we should eat food slowly.

Proper Sleep

Improper sleep increases our appetite and thus we indulge in the danger of obesity. So to have balanced figure we should have a proper sleep (minimum 6 hours).


The best way to maintain our health is to do regular exercise. By doing exercise daily for 2 hours we can reduce tallow of our body. The exercise includes yoga, aerobics and gym. Exercise provides better shape to the body. Even it reduces our hunger.


Weight loss surgery is carried out in different hospitals in India. Apollo hospital (Chennai) is the best hospital in India for such type of surgery. Max hospital (Delhi NCR) is another hospital in India for this surgery.

Thus, to decrease stoutness is not a big deal. It is in our hands to become healthy and have a balanced figure so as to look young and beautiful.


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